Traits used in the game so far, pulled from various sites:

Abrasive: +1 to Intimidate, -1 Bluff, -1 Diplomacy
Absent Minded: +1 Knowledge. -1 Spot, -1 Listen
Aggressive: +1 to Initiative, -1 to AC
Easy Going: +1 Gather Information. -1 Intimidate, -1 Sense Motive.
Focused: +1 Concentration, -1 Spot, -1 Listen.
Honest +1 Diplomacy. -1 Bluff, -1 Sense Motive
Polite: +1 Diplomacy. -2 Intimidate.
Quick: +10 ft, -1 HP per level
Suspicious: +1 Sense Motive, -1 Diplomacy, -1 Intimidate
Uncivilized: +1 Handle Animal, -1 Bluff, -1 Diplomacy, -1 Gather Information

Child of Nature
You grew up in a forest or some other natural surrounding, but have lost all contact with civilization.
Benefit: The character always treats Handle Animal and Survival as class skills. The character also gets a +2 bonus on Knowledge (nature) and Survival checks
Drawback: The character gets a -2 penalty to all Charisma based skill checks, except intimidate and handle animal. The character is also illiterate. He/she possesses only the most basic knowledge of protocol and etiquette, and lacks any fine mannerisms or social finesse. He/she is uncomfortable and restless in any settlement with more than a hundred inhabitants. He/she is also distrusting toward strangers, and it takes a lot of time to truly befriend him/her and gain his/her trust.
Special: In your character's background, there must be a reference to him being raised in the wilds, either by some reclusive humanoids, or by animals.