Session 3

"Six Against Eighty-Eight"

Before the group could head out, they were stopped by a large, strange man carrying an awkwardly oversized blade. The half-giant introduced himself as Parg Bonecrusher, and offered his services as a travelling warrior. He had come north from the continent of Xen'Drik, the island of mystery, adventure, and wonder to make a living in the distant reaches of Khorivare, and mingle with "the shorter folk." He assured them that in addition to being handy with the weapon, he could also enhance their own abilities, provided they were within distance of his mental bastion. After a brief discussion, the new group, now six, left town on the two day journey toward the Emerald Claw camp.

The first day passed without event, and it wasn't until the evening that Rhonne, who was on watch, noticed commotion on the horizion. Quietly, he awoke Kiiba to keep guard while he went to investigate, keeping low to the tall grass as he ran across the horizon. From his vantage point, he could see a farmhouse surrounded by a dozen Claw agents. They had drug the farmers from their house and lined the up, a began to execute them one by one. Knowing that he alone would be unable to stop them, he made doubletime back to camp and got the rest of his companions ready for combat.

The party broke the ridgeline and engaged the bandits, who had loaded goods into four wagons, which had begun rolling out. Tiz, Hessth, M, and Parg rapidly despatched of the remaining foes while Rhonne and Kiiba focused on the retreating wagons. Rhonne was able to take out three of the four, the last one starting to gallop into the distance. Breaking into a full run, charging on all fours, Kiiba was able to leap onto the back of the wagon, ripping the driver out of his seat and backhanding the man riding shotgun. Raine held on tight. After the battle settled, each Claw looted, each copper taken, Tizish was surprized to find a pair of gagged children in the back of one of the wagons. Knowing them to be valuable to the Claw, the group decided to return to down and leave the boys somewhere safe before heading back toward the compound. This done, they headed out a second time.

After two more days of riding, the party found themselves crouching at the edge of a treeline overlooking a tree-barren valley. In the center was a wooden fortress, the timber hacked down for two hundred feet in all directions, providing a clear line of sight to the entire camp. In addition to the main fort, there was an outlying guard tower that stretched thirty feet into the air, with a handful of archers posted at the ready. In front of the fort lay a mess of tables, each littered with dishes and utensils; to either side a few ten man tents had been pitched, residence to accommodate a force of Emerald Claw agents that they estimated numbered nearly one hundred strong. Although the Claw they had encountered thus far had been sub par warriors, equipped with rusty or broken weapons and armor, they needed to formulate a strategy. Quick discussion lead to the conclusion that knowledge of their defensive reaction would be paramount for formulating a solid plan, so they "got their attention" before darting down the hill. The result was an explosion of light and noise from the guard tower, a phalanx of troops from the center, better equipped than their brothers, and four hooded, robed figures, that panned out in all directions, shuffling listlessly along.

The retreat was successful, and the next morning they headed out to see the true force of the camp in full swing. Four groups of a dozen well equipped guardsmen patrolled each quadrant of the ridge line, a dozen archers dotted the walls of the fort, with another half dozen stationed in the guard tower. The four robed figures were no where to be found however. Using guerrilla tactics, Tiz was able to fake a distress call from the woods, drawing half a patrol into the thick brush, away from their allies. In a single swift surprise attack the party descended, decimating the Emerald Claw. Reckoning that "if it a'int broke, don't fix it," they tried a similar tactic a second time. M jury rigged a sort of "marionette device" that ran into the branches of a tree, with Kiiba pulling the strings. When the rest of the same patrol entered to find their comrades waving for help frantically, they hurried into assist with whatever was wrong. After a second quick and effective assault, the party decided to pull back and regroup in the morning. Twelve down, eighty-eight to go.

Rewards: 875 XP