Session 14

The Armory Heist

The party reforms. The blood in the room was really dirt, the man who occupied the room was Brom Winchester, of the winchesters. The intruder then robbed tiz and escaped. After being harrassed by the authorities, the group set to work figuring out how to get the elamshin. M investigated breaking into the armory, while the rest tried to recover the stolen property. Rukk introduced them to the seedy underworld of Wroat, where they met Mr. Loth who pointed them toward Bishbosh. Bishbosh gave them the papers in exchange for Hessth's sandwich and services. M discovered that the armory has a failsafe that causes the items in it to be teleported to a safe room, by exploiting this fact, they could steal the elamshin. The party headed to speak with the council, and barter for the item. Kiiba was sidetracked and seperated when he was abuducted. After being tortured, he was rescued by Raine and the two escaped just in time to find out that the armory had been robbed. Apparently, someone triggered the alerts and sent the artifacts to the safe house *a post office* that they then robbed. Kiiba rushed to the post office, only to find all the people there slain. He followed the trail of 3 of the 4 assailants to a seedy bar. The rest of the group boarded the Maul and Bull.

Rewards: 500 XP, +2 Mithril Full Plate (Hessth)