Session 13

The Truth

As the mountain tomb collapsed in on its self, the groups employer bid them to enter her tent, where she spoke with them in great detail. The party agreed to acquire the second Elamshin for her, and made way back to Khorvaire.

They arrived in Sharn with no problem, and boarded the lightning rail heading for Wroat. As they slept, someone broke into Tizish's chamber and stole the writ of purchase from his person. The following morning, the party investigated, finding that the trail lead to a locked cabin. Inside, the found the disarticulated remains of the inhabitant, and bare foot and claw prints, as if some part man part beast escaped through the open window.

Meanwhile, in an alleyway in Wroat, a bloody figure of a hunched, bestial man enters a dark room, and tosses a bloody writ of purchase to the floor. "You've done well," a voice echoes from the corner, concealed beneath a familiar dark robe. "Soon our guests will be arriving," one of the four says, as he stands, "make the necessary preparations."