Raine Render

Raine Render, Kiiba's adopted daughter.

Rescued by Kiiba and Tiz from an Emerald Claw encampment, the young girl and her fellow captured children appeared to have been kept chained up and in dank squalor, and exactly what the Claw were doing to them has yet to be discovered. Whatever it was, it clearly disturbed the five year old, and she remained silent and without emotion during their escape. It was only until later, when Kiiba and her were alone, did she begin to open up, and told him her name: Raine. When they arrived in town, it was revealed that her parents had been slain in the Emerald Claw ambush, and she had no next of kin. Rather than abandon her to fate at the hands of the Sharn Orphanage, Kiiba agreed to adopt the girl. She has since took quite a liking to her father, whom she calls "Fuzzy," and enjoys decorating his long unkempt hair with flowers, twigs, and insects. She also tends to ride on his back or shoulders, preferring to travel in a backpack altered by M for this purpose. Shy of everyone but Kiiba, Raine cowers in his mane during combat, trying to keep as hidden as possible.

Shortly after the scuffle on the Sharn Express, Kiiba noticed Raine sifting through the remnants of the shattered fire elemental. He paid it no mind, until, inexplicably, later that day he noticed that she was holding a small blackened stone that seemed to carry with it a reddish glow, and holding it quite dear. When he asked her what it was, she informed him, "This is Scorch. Scorch, this is papa." At this point, much to Kiiba's astonishment, the rock ignited with life as she dropped it to the deck, swirling in flame and levitating off the ground. Around the obsidian formed a small creature of flame, that extended a minute hand. Cautiously, he took the hand in friendship, the fire cooled to a warming touch, instead of the blaze he was anticipating. Raine then scampered off Kiiba's back and spoke words in a language he could not understand, the fire retreating back into the stone. She scooped the stone up in both hands, and turned to Kiiba, "his papa lived in the train. Now I'm gonna be his mama!"

Game rule information for both Raine Render and Scorch, her small Fire Elemental companion.