Rageforged Feats

Feats of Rage and Iron

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Adamantine Strike [Warforged]

Your adamantine fists cut through steel like butter.
Requirements: Adamantine Body or Rageforged, Improved Sunder
Benefit: Your slam attack and any other natural attacks you may have gained through other warforged feats bypass hardness when sundering weapons or attacking objects, ignoring hardness less than 20.

Blood Frenzy [Warforged]

Once you’ve drawn blood, your attacks become fiercer and fiercer.
Requirements: Rageforged
Benefit: Whenever you hit an opponent with a melee attack, you gain a +1 cumulative morale bonus on all melee attacks against that opponent. The cumulative bonus cannot exceed 1 plus 1 per five character levels, rounded down. The bonus lasts until you miss that opponent with an attack, attack another creature, or the encounter ends.

Brutal Attack [Warforged]

You can make a devastating attack by drawing energy from your rage.
Requirements: Rageforged, must be able to rage at least twice per day, BAB +12
Benefit: Whenever you make an attack, before you make the attack roll, you may expend to uses of your rage ability. If you do, and the attack hits, the attack is automatically a critical hit.

Cruel Design [Warforged]

Your natural weapons are designed for dealing agonizing blows to your foe’s weak spots.
Requirements: Rageforged, BAB +6
Benefit: The critical modifier of your slam attack and any other natural weapons granted to you by Warforged feats increases to x3.

Enhanced Senses [Warforged]

You can amplify your senses with a surge of metabolic energy.
Requirements: Rageforged
Benefit: You may expend a use of your rage ability to gain a bonus on Listen, Search, and Spot checks equal to your character level for 24 hours.

Ferocious Presence

You can break your foes’ will, demoralizing them with your ferocious wrath.
Requirements: Intimidate 8 ranks, Rage class feature
Benefit: Whenever you enter a rage, you can make an Intimidate check to demoralize one creature that can see you as a swift action.

Improved Rageforged Body [Warforged]

Your body has been slapped with more grotesque, twisted plating increasing your armor.
Prerequisites: Rageforged
Benefit: The warforged's armor bonus is increased to +8, however, you are considered to be wearing heavy armor. He now has a +1 maximum Dexterity bonus to AC, a -5 penalty on all skill checks that armor check penalties apply to (Balance, Climb, Escape Artist, Hide, Jump, Move Silently, Sleight of Hand, Swim, and Tumble), and an arcane spell failure chance of 35%. These benefits and penalties overlap those of the Rageforged feat.
You may rage an additional time per day.
Special: Warforged who take this feat may treat this feat as the Adamantine Body feat for the purposes of qualifying for feats, prestige classes and the like.

Living Dynamo [Warforged]

Your anger manifests as surges of electricity that course through your body.
Requirements: Warforged, Rageforged or Rage class feature, BAB +5
Benefit: Whenever you rage, electricity surges through your body. While raging, your slam attack and any other natural weapons deal +1d6 electricity damage. In addition, any creature that hits you in melee with a metal weapon, an unarmed strike, a natural weapon, or a touch attack takes 1d6 electricity damage. You gain resistance 10 to electricity while raging, and are not harmed by the electricity flowing through your body.

Mad Insight

Though your sanity is lacking, you occasionally have brilliant insights.
Requirements: Wis 7 or lower.
Benefit: Once per day, you may apply a +5 madness bonus to an Intelligence or Charisma check or to an Intelligence or Charisma-based skill check. For every 5 character levels you have, you may use this feat an additional time per day.

Surge of Vigor [Warforged]

You can channel your rage to heal yourself.
Requirements: Rageforged, Constitution 18, BAB +6
Benefit: You may expend a use of your rage ability to gain fast healing 1, or increase any fast healing you have by 1 for a number of rounds equal to your character level.

Undying Fury [Warforged]

You can sustain yourself with your rage.
Requirements: Warforged, Rageforged, BAB +6
Benefit: Whenever you would be reduced to -10 hp, you may spend two uses of your rage ability as an immediate action. If you do, you are reduced to -9 hp instead. This ability does nothing against effects that kill you without lowering you to -10 hp, such as the disintegrate or slay living spells.
Special: Undying Fury can be used in place of Diehard to qualify for a feat, prestige class, or other special ability. You can take both this feat and Diehard.