The Rageforged

Note that all this information has been synthesized and reprinted for ease of access here, the original author is Krimm Blackleaf and was posted on a forum here first. All praise and respect be upon him. I have omitted or altered some of it to fit the context of our Eberron game.

The Rageforged

Thirty thousand years before the gnomes built their warforged, the drow had already invented their own. Powered by the dragon magic of Argonnessen and constructed from the adamantine under Xen'drik, these rageforged or warmonsters as they were called by the drow, were a terror to behold. The prehistoric titans of the drow dwarfed the warforged titans of modern day Eberron, and their armies of constructs blanketed the land like a black stain of metal — pushing the giants to the point of extinction. It was only due to the ingenuity of the Giant Lord Loki that they survive to this day, as he stole the artifacts which powered the rageforged and scattered them to the winds. Now, deep beneath Xen'drik, the rageforged still slumber, awaiting someone to awaken them once more…

Game information

Rageforged differ from Warforged in game terms only by the taking of the Rageforged feat.

Rageforged [Warforged]

Prerequisites: Warforged, must have been constructed by the power of the Elamshin.
Benefit: Your body becomes thicker and stronger, as you are a savage. Your armor bonus increases to +5, your max Dex becomes +3 and your penalty to all skills that apply to armor check penalties becomes -2. Your arcane spell failure chance is 25% and your base land speed becomes 20 feet. For all intents and purposes, your considered to be wearing medium armor.
Also, you gain the rage ability of a 1st level barbarian. If you are a barbarian, you instead gain an additional use of barbarian's rage a day and your Str bonus from raging increases by 2, so at first level your Str increases by 6, but your Con still only increases by 4.
Barbarian is now your default favored class.
Special: This feat may only be taken at first level.

Additional Game Rule Information

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