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Our Current Members

Walter Sheppard: A Pullman native since 1996, Walter started gaming when he was in 6th grade with ADND. He moved to 3rd edition and then 3.5, and finds 4th edition "too much like World of Warcraft" to be a good system for Dungeons and Dragons. He's a firm believer in improv DMing, and thinking on his feet when running a session, instead of planning much out before hand. As a player, he gravitates toward melee combat, usually favoring dexterity over strength, although he keeps claiming how much he wants to play a wizard. His first character was a dwarven cleric, who was killed when he charged into a pit of spikes. He is currently running the Eberron game.

Steve Hall: Steve moved to Pullman in 1998 and has been playing tabletop games since 2003, beginning with 3rd edition. He tends towards the brute force end of gaming, favoring barbarians, fighters, and monks. His first real character was a barbarian for a World's Largest Dungeon game run by Tom. The barbarian multi-classed into fighter, and took to crushing stirges with his bare hands (not bear hands, that's his shifter monk). He enjoys playing regularly and has dabbled as a DM, although he's never ran a campaign level game. He is currently playing Kiiba Render in the Eberron game, and really hopes that Walter won't kill him.

Chris Burns:

Chuck Paul: Interview with Mr. Paul:
“Hi, I’m Chuck”
“Hi Chuck”
“And I like playing tabletop RPGs”
“That’s okay, we all do”
“I started playing at summer camp with Walter and Kit, and from there I have played a lot more. I used to play the rogue all the time, but recently have started branching out. So far the only classes I haven’t played are barbarians, bards, monks and paladins. I won’t say that D&D has changed my life, but it has made me more relaxed and it is a way to get stress out. It has also brought me some really great friends. Improving my Charisma score by putting me in my element is key for me, especially since I started to play Shadowrun and Pathfinder.”

Chris Davis:

Bobby Pepka:

(a full list of active and inactive members can be found here)

General Q&A About PHS Gaming

Who are we? We are a group of tabletop RPGers that have been gaming together since middle school (~2000). Over the last decade, we have lost and gained members (mainly due to people moving), but have still remained a tight knit group with dozens of games under our belts. Our name comes from our high school (Pullman High School), during the gaming heyday that was our youth.

What do we play? Over the years we've dabbled in just about everything from Legend of the Five Rings to Rolemaster IV and anything in between (ADND, Brave New World, d20 Modern, Earthdawn, Gurps, Mage, Runescape, Star Wars, Vampire, WoD, etc). Right now, our focus is on D&D 3.5 with a slew of homebrew variants and house rules. We recently delved into Pathfinder, and will likely be making a shift in that direction.

Why do we play? To have fun! There's just something intoxicating about roleplaying to us, whether it's overwhelming unbeatable odds, coming up with elaborate traps for the PCs to encounter, or just having a beer and recanting our best gaming stories.

What is our current game? Currently, the group is playing through a several act campaign in the Eberron Campaign setting (level 1-30) which started in the summer of 2010, with Walter as the DM. Our players are listed in the Current Players section.

When do we play? We try to play once a week usually, depending on everyones schedule, although this website may not get updated until several days later.

Are we looking for any new members? We are currently looking for a 5th player for our Ebberon game. Previous experience with the system is preferred, although not required, and living in or around the Pullman, WA area is required for playing. If you are not interested in playing but interested in joining discussion groups or what not, feel free to join our facebook group.