Neutral NPCs

This is collected information regarding NPCs living and dead that are/were neutral toward the party (in some cases because they never met the PCs)

Admiral Skyreach, Commander of the Breland's Airship Group. Tizish, Parg, and M encountered Admiral Skyreach after their hijinks aboard the Sharn Express. Although untrusting of them at first, their story checked out, and he commended them for their heroic efforts. He offered them a free ride to Sharn, and pointed them toward Gray Ironsides. It is unclear what his actual opinion was of the party, but he appears to be half-elf of importance, and with his connections and experience, it would be unwise to find themselves on his bad side.

Donkey and Donkey, and the cart. Purchased for a suspiciously low rate by Hessth and Rhonne, the pair of magebred donkeys have been magically enhanced with the gift of speech, which they use whenever possible. It would seem that Donkey is a master of diplomacy and negotiation, while on the other hand Donkey keeps to the material, knowing the current market value of various goods and services. Together, they pull a heavy cart, made from an unidentifiable darkwood. The cart was included in the sale, and the three are never seen apart from each other. In addition to being of remarkably sturdy construction, the cart appears to have the proper amount of cargo space for whatever load they wish for it to carry, although it never changes size. Once, out of boredom and gnomish curiosity, Tiz attempted to scrawl something in the floorboards of the cart, but only managed to dull his blade, leaving the cart unharmed. And although they have left the donkeys and the cart unattended numerous times, in areas of ill repute, the cart remains miraculously untampered and unharmed, Donkey and Donkey recalling nothing of events while the party was away — of course, they are just stupid jackasses.

Gray Ironsides, Captain of the Guard. A dwarf that seems to have been born without a sense of humor, Gray wears a constant expression of disappointment along with his battle-worn armor. A hand ax perpetually finds its way to his hand as he paces his office, and he enjoys throwing it into a nearby target while interrogating criminals or talking to subordinates. M delivered the note from the Xandrar militia, explaining of their exploits and that the Emerald Claw had been kidnapping children. He also passed along a sample of the diluted powder, which Ironsides assured him would get analysed. Ironsides got M's contact information, and should have the tests done by then, giving M plenty of time to construct his homunculus.

Imanuel Thondred, Dwarven Banker (deceased). Thondred was to be M's final assignment, a simple delivery to a friend of House Cannith who owned a bank in Xandrar. When M arrived at his bank, he was discovered dead on the second floor, a half-orc assassin standing above him. The capture of the assassin provided little help to answer any questions, as he had only recently been hired by the Emerald Claw to kill Thondred. Inside the package M was carrying for the dead dwarf, he found a small metal box, locked and coded in an ancient language. After breaking the code, they found a number to a safety deposit box inside, which they found inside Thondred's bank. The safety deposit box contained a fine black powder, similar to that which Tiz was carrying but of a purer quality; they are now burdened with the powder and more questions. What is it? Why kill Thondred? Why did he have the powder?