LeStronn Papers

The following correspondence was saved from a fire by Parg, and only the following documents are still legible.

Viktor LeStronn to Marshal LeStronn. Nymm 11th, 998 YK


The Four arrived yesterday, not with horses mind you, its as if they just appeared in the morning. I led them into the basement, and showed them their quarters, where we had set up nice accommodations. They entered, and after a minute had removed all of the furniture and pleasantries, leaving only four cots there for sleeping. They each had a chest with them, small and well crafted, and placed them beside their respective beds. I have never seen a group so strange, but if the Covenent tells me to grant them protection and aide them in their work here, that is what I intend to do.
They move together, take meals together, in fact - I've never seen them apart from one another. They rarely speak, and when they do the words are muted and hushed, but clear so that only I can hear what they are saying. Each of their voices appears identical…although I might be speaking to the same one each time. I've been instructed to give them their space and not impede their efforts, and trust me brother, getting in their way is the last thing I would want to do.
Aside from these strange men, or women? things are progressing well here. I have recruited another twenty men to the fold, and we are in the process of getting them equipped and trained before the next move. I hope the north is treating you well, brother, mother, were she alive, would never forgive me if you caught cold. Hold fast, and together we will make our places in history along side the Emerald Claw.


Marshal LeStronn to Viktor LeStronn. Nymm 19th, 998 YK


Hah! Mother would turn in her grave if she knew her boys were so far from home. Gods how she detested Breland and the Eldeen Reaches, and the weather we have been having lately makes me more than inclined to agree. Rain for the last month straight, but we still got the cabin constructed on schedule. So far, we have managed to gather nine packages and I have sent them down to you with a group of my finest Claw. I regret to inform you that my last dealings- [rest of the page burned off by the flame]