Kiiba: The Early Years

Following the brutal murder of his mother Kiiba's father relocated them to a remote village deep in the northern reaches
Comprised mostly of shifters, druids and wild folk Minithar was a refuge from the war, the world, or whatever else troubled you.
Arriving to the warm embrace of friends and family. The entire village mourned the passing of Kiiba's late mother.
During the funeral services Kiiba broke from the solem company of the older folks and ran to the forest to be alone with his thoughts.
Finally colapsing onto a tree Kiiba rested his head on his knees and wept. "i dont have a mother either" the voice startled him Kiiba looked up to see a young girl there.
Kiiba looked up to see a girl no older than he leaning down to him her unkept auburn hair falling into her face "are you crying? she asked
"No!?" Kiiba responded defensivly "Men dont cry, cause they're strong"he sniffled wiping his nose on his arm "Is that so," she giggled " well i think it takes a stong man to cry"
"what do you know you're just a silly girl" "i know what it feel like to lose your mother"the girl offered Kiiba a hand up, she pulled him up and gave him a peck on the cheek "My name is Loriana"
As Kiiba stood baffled Loriana giggled and ran off back to the village " see ya around Fuzzy."
And see her he did, Minithar was a small village after all, they were 2 of the like aged children in the village, they along with 3 other boys and another girl.
The elders of the village took it upon themselves to teach the youngsters in the ways of the wood. Daily lessons in various crutial skills (Plants, Hunting, and other such survival training). Nightmares haunted Kiibas dreams visions of his mothers killer standing over her lifeless body laughing in sick satisfaction, he would wake in a cold sweat to find his bedding torn to shreds as if his body were trying to fight the figments.
Time passed as it does though many of the more intellectual asspects of his lessons elluded him Kiiba grew strong and was never bested in the practice ring by any of his fellow students perfering to forgo weapon training in lue of his bare hands. He and Loriana grew closer he would help here with her martial skills while she tutored him in herbalism and the like. By the time they were of age (16\17) they were all but inseperable, they were paired together for watches and hunting parties, and they excelled each of their streagths complimenting the others weaknesses. The village gossips would always talk about how they were a perfect pair and how they wondered when they would marry, the two would always shrug it off content in their friendship the thought of romance never crossing their young minds. On the morning of his 18th birthday Kiiba's father woke him befor dawn, they hiked into the woods behind their hut and reached a clearing where a group of strnge people were gathered "you have been chossen Kiiba" his father said "to join the Order of the Shifting Claw" "ive never heard of them" Kiiba responded in confusion "And you never will, they are a secret order, and elite squad, i am not pleased that they found you but there is no way to refuse them once they do, they will oversee the rest of your traning you leave in 1 hour for their compound go and gather you things say your goodbyes you will be gone a long while." Kiiba ran to Loriana's she was outside her hut already witha smile on her face "Kiiba! i have amazing news, the high druid has picked me for her pupil isnt that amazing" she took Kiiba into a deep hug whemn he didnt return it she pulled away " whats wrong arent you happy for me?" "I am" he said "Im going away for awhile and i dont know when ill come back" "What, Why?" "ive been recruited and theyre taking me away for training" Sorrow and confusion showed crossed her face " recruited by who, where are they taking you?" "I dont know, i just know i dont have much time, promise me something" "anything" "promise me while im gone you wont up and get married to someone" "what are you saying fuzzy?" "i think, i think i love you Loriana and i dont want to think about you marrying someone else because im not here, promise me" "i promise, i love you too Kiiba" they held each other in the early morning fog. "thats very touching and all but its time to go young render" One of the strangers from the clearing stood by the corner of the hut. startled Kiiba and Lorianna split suddenly though still holding eachothers hands "well what are you waiting for we must leave before the rest of the village wakes" And so Kiiba and the stranger dissaperaed into the mist.