Important Groups

The Winchester Family

Knowledge (Local or Nobility) DC 20 reveals the following PC knowledge about the Winchester Family:
The Winchesters are a large extended family of nobles that originated in Aundair, but have relocated to Sharn after the Last War, and take up residence in a large plantation-like estate in the upper levels. Everyone in the family is a member of the Wayfinder's Foundation, to whom the frequently fund expeditions to Xen'drik or make large donations to the Foundation's museums. The patriarch of the family is a man who needs no introduction, the legendary Sir Augustus Winchester: a hunter of unmatched skill that has slain game on every continent in Eberron. It is even rumored he nows hires spell casters to teleport him to other planes, where he hunts and add to his large collection of trophies. Every member of the family Winchester is an avid explorer, treasure seeker, or big game hunter of some degree; and they are frequently seen by groups of adventurers as they delve into ruins or explore deep jungles. However, such journeys are usually short lived, as the Winchesters tend to fly solo, leading to a high number of casualties year round. Luckily, however, the family name carries close to five hundred men and women, so it will be a long time before the Winchesters are no more.

The Blood of Vol

Knowledge (religion) DC 15 reveals the following PC knowledge about the Blood of Vol:
The Blood of Vol is an ancient religion dedicated to the meaning of blood, the mysteries of heredity, death, and the undead. Most of its members believe that blood is the source of life and that undeath provides immortality and a path to divinity, but know little of the true motives of the religion.

Knowledge (religion) DC 20 reveals this PC knowledge about the Blood of Vol:
At various times in Karrnath's history, the faith of the Blood of Vol has waxed and waned in popularity and acceptance. The present time is a waning period.

Knowledge (religion) DC 25 reveals this PC knowledge about the Blood of Vol:
The fundamental belief of the Blood of Vol is that death must be conquered, not endured. The undead are revered as champions in the struggle to conquer death and show mortals the path to godhood.

Knowledge (religion) DC 30 reveals this PC knowledge about the Blood of Vol:
A number of undead take active roles in the rites and leadership of the Blood of Vol. The greatest center of worship is the Crimson Monastery, in the Karrnathi city of Atur.

True followers of the religion serve and revere the ancient lich Vol. This self-proclaimed Queen of the Dead was once the heir to the dragonmarked House of Vol, whose members carried the Mark of Death. In an attempt to end the elf-dragon wars the House of Vol attempted to mix elf and dragon blood. The result was Erandis d'Vol, a half-dragon created from the arcane union of an elven mother and a green dragon father who bore the Mark of Death. The revelation of Erandis's existence lead to an alliance between the elves and the dragons for the purpose of destroying the House of Vol and all half-dragons as both sides saw them as an abomination. To insure her survival, Erandis's mother used her powers over death to transform Erandis into a lich.
Over the centuries, Vol gathered followers to her side forming the Blood of Vol. A powerful necromancer, Vol seeks to manipulate bloodlines and revive the House of Vol and the Mark of Death. Vol also seeks revenge of the elves of Aerenal and the dragons of Argonnessen. Her followers act as spies and often serve as advisors in various governments across the land all the while on the lookout for signs that the Mark of Death has returned.

The Order of the Emerald Claw

Knowledge (history) DC 15 reveals the following PC knowledge about the Order:
The order of the Emerald Claw was a chivalric order that served King Kaius I and his successors during the Last War. The order was outlawed in 980 YK for extremist activities, and King Kaius III has gone to great lengths in an attempt to stamp it out. The order continues to remain active in the shadows of Karrnath and beyond, but is now seen as a terrorist organization.

In the beginning of the Last War, the agents of the Order of the Emerald Claw were the heroes of Karrnath. Their devotion to their nation was matched only by their cunning and skill at arms. The knights of the order were instrumental in Karrnath's military success, and it is now believed that certain acts of espionage and sabotage that occurred in other nations were their secret handiwork.
As time passed, though, the King of Karrnath began to have his doubts about the order. The knights of the Claw were fiercely devoted to Karrnath, but this devotion seemed to be masking service to another master — something more sinister, and shrouded in secrecy. Ultimately, edicts were passed condeming the order for its violent activities, and by 980 YK it was formally disbanded and outlawed by Moranna, the regent of Karrnath. But while the Emerald Claw no longer has any ties to the governemnt of Karrnath, it continues to operate in the shadows across Khorvaire. Though some still claim to be dedicated to Karrnath, their true affiliation remains unknown to few outside the inner most circles of the Order.