Hostile NPCs

This is collected information regarding NPCs living and dead that are/were hostile toward the party.

Handsome Jack, Human Wizard (deceased). Little is known of Jack's childood, or even his surname. All that can be said for him involves his exploits in the final years of the war and those that followed. A malcontent of the Brelish Arcane Forces, Jack left the service after being dishonorably discharged. It seemed that the instructors did not appreciate his sense of humor, nor his decision to use disguise self to impersonate the lieutenant and teach classes for the day. All was well though, because Jack had never taken to the boredom of orders and rules, preferring to take what he wanted when he wanted. Early in his career as a theif, he did it for the money, but as he grew wealthy quickly (and that he did), he began to undertake only elaborate capers. The famous forging of the Cyrian Pre-War Manuscripts was one of his, as was the Morgrave Robbery, in which four dragonshard elementals were stolen. His greatest exploit by far was to be the heist of the Sharn Express, which was thwarted by the players, Kiiba's well aimed harpoon shot ending his spree of, although legendary, troublesome mischief.

Happy "Scar" Jollybottom, Gnomish Pirate (deceased). Born and raised on the rough side of the rough side of town, Happy grew up anything but. Street gangs, thievery, and violent crime landed him in jail at a young age. Repeat offenses assured him a regular cot in the Lhazaar prison, but this last one was the final straw. He was charged, wrongfully he claimed, with the double murder of a pair of halfling nobles vacationing in the Principalities. Without legal representation, Happy was slated for the noose until he was saved by the Crimson Sail Buccaneers, who were pillaging the town. The captain, "Insane" Amos Ziegfeld, offered him and the other inmates a deal: fight to the death and he'd welcome the winner into his fleet. Without hesitation, Scar shattered his cell mates bones and brutally beat each to death. Laughing hysterically, Amos took Happy on board. Over the months, Happy developed a repore with the captain, which granted him control of the Beginner's Luck. However, Happy had also developed quite the repore with Amos's favored wench at port, which lead Happy to flee. Unfortunately, his escape was short lived, and his ship was taken along with his life by the party.

Marshal and Viktor LeStronn, Emerald Claw Captains (both deceased). Upon finding records that were being destroyed in the Emerald Claw base south of Xandrar, the party deducted that the human clad in black was Viktor LeStronn. It would seem that he and his brother joined the Claw recently, within the last three years, but were rapidly promoted to their posts. Marshal was granted control of the Lake Galifar Emerald Claw outpost, a garrison of twenty men, but strangely followed directives from the Blood of Vol. His directives were to essentially "acquire" human children under the age of ten, and smuggle them south, to the encampment Viktor was in charge of. Viktor, also under order from the Blood of Vol, was charged with not only gathering the children to his forest stronghold, but sheltering agents from Vol, which are only referred to as "The Four." Viktor, although he revealed nothing in death, expresses concern in his letters to his brother. He mentions that the children were brought into the basement of the keep once a month, always once a month, and led into the back room. They never came back up, however, sealed Barrels of Preserving Pine followed each monthly event. Afterwards, Viktor was instructed by the Four to send a group of veteran Claw to deliver the shipment of barrels to their contact in Sharn, for what purpose he never knew. In the last day of his life, two surprises (in addition to the party's assault) happened. First, he was visited by an old friend, Torven Silesia, a Drow he entered the Order of Emerald Claw with. Torven attempted to convince him to hold fast, and continue as he had been, bringing the children to the Four. However, this was a problem, as the second surprise came that morning, when the Four mysteriously disappeared, taking the remaining children with them. This sent Viktor into a fervor. He hadn't heard from his brother in a week, his mission here had been compromised, and Torven was riding him to continue working mindlessly. Viktor had decided to, without following the proper chain of command, pull up stakes and move his Claw force into a new area of Breland, far away from these meddling adventurers. Torven refused to aid him, and threatened to turn him in to their superiors, and ordered his personal retainer to arrest Viktor. Never one to submit, Viktor killed the retainer, falling to the party shortly afterwards.

The Four, ??. Shrouded in mystery, these four identical cloaked and obscured humanoid figures appear to be in league with the Cult of Vol. When the party encountered them south of Xandrar, they appeared to be wielding no weapons, and were protected by some sort of powerful magiks. Apparently, in a letter from Viktor LeStronn to his brother, he mentioned his everyday life alongside the Four. "They move together, take meals together, in fact - I've never seen them apart from one another. They rarely speak, and when they do the words are muted and hushed, but clear so that only I can hear what they are saying. Each of their voices appears identical…although I might be speaking to the same one each time. I've been instructed to give them their space and not impede their efforts, and trust me brother, getting in their way is the last thing I would want to do."

Torven Silesia, Acolyte of the Emerald Claw (deceased). The only information known about the now charred Drow sorcerer is that he was once a close friend of Viktor LeStronn, and had been stationed alongside him in the past. It seemed that an argument regarding the chain of command had begun between the two a few weeks ago, and erupted to the surface the day he was killed. Torven was sent to cool Viktor down, and keep him from relocating the Claw forces south of Xandrar without orders. Viktor insisted that their position had been compromised by the presence of the adventurers and their many attacks on his men, but Torven assured him that everything was moving according to plan.