Friendly NPCs

This is collected information regarding NPCs living and dead that are/were friendly toward the party.

Crew of the Maul and Bull. Hired on by Hessth, the current crew of the Maul and Bull consists of Falko Thul as the pilot, and three deckhands: two dwarves named Dirk Darksteel and Erik Hearthammer, and a hobgoblin that goes by Rukk. Dirk and Erik seem to have at least competent levels of experience on airships, often taking the initiative on their various duties. Rukk's position on the ship's roster reads, "crewman," but what he actually does has yet to be revealed. Nearly eight feet tall and four feet across, the burly hob has been of use once to the group, leading Kiiba and Tiz to an underground diviner, who smelted their gold bars and sold them some "unique" magical wares. Rukk referred to the man as his father, but the resemblance would be a stretch, even for hobgoblins.

Elias d'Cannith, Foreman of Cannith Workshop F-23. M-1739-978 was employed in Sharn Workshop F-23 for the last 15 years, under instruction of Elias d'Cannith for the last ten of it. Over the years, the warforged and human developed a work relationship that could be described as "friendly." Having paid off his debt to the house, M retired from the workshop to seek his fortune in the world. After encountering the strange powder found in Xandrar, M found himself back in Sharn, and decided to get a second opinion, passing along a couple of samples to Elias. Curious as a halfling, he assured M he'd get them analysed.

Elissa d'Moriel, High Priestess of Shae Mordai. Elissa approached the party in the guise of a hauntingly attractive young elf and hired their services to retrieve a lost artifact from a hidden drow tomb. She has since revealed herself to be a Deathless, a good aligned undead elf, and someone that has been around for nearly an eternity. She belives the party to be bound on a heroic quest that will shake the foundations of Eberron to its core. She is happy to aid the party in whatever way need, and imparted valuable information to Kiiba and M about the artifacts they possess. She is often found in the company of one of her bumbling nephew (also a Deathless), Jeremy D'Moriel.

Falko Thul, Airship Pilot. Hired onto the Maul and Bull by Hessth and Kiiba, Falko is skilled sailor. A rugged man with a strong sword arm and a genuinely stoic demeanor, Falco served in the Karrnathi military during the last war, earning the rank of Major as a front lines trooper. He's marched alongside the living and dead alike, and sees the circle of life as a mixer, full of shades of gray. Along his upper left arm, Karrnathi tattoos identify his rank as well as his exploits during the last war. His bastard sword is well worn and has seen better days, as have the rest of his clothing and equipment. A stale stench of bourbon and sty hangs about him, and when he's not at his post at the wheel, he can be found in the nearest tavern.

Mr. Pluto, Reporter for the Chronicle. After their exploits aboard the Sharn Express, Parg was stopped by a especially short and bookish gnome wearing a pair of over-sized spectacles and holding a notepad and quill. The gnome introduced himself as Mr. Pluto, a reporter for the Korranberg Chronicle. He offered the half-giant coin for his story, and assured him that if he came across any more heroic tales, the Chronicle would be pleased to pay for the rights to them. Mr. Pluto is a reasonable fellow, but seems to be in his own world a majority of the time, looking off into the distance and tapping the tip of his quill against his lower lip, while muttering things to himself. "Interesting…interesting…"

Raine Render, Kiiba's adopted daughter. Rescued by Kiiba and Tiz from an Emerald Claw encampment, the young girl and her fellow captured children appeared to have been kept chained up and in dank squalor, and exactly what the Claw were doing to them has yet to be discovered. Whatever it was, it clearly disturbed the five year old, and she remained silent and without emotion during their escape. It was only until later, when Kiiba and her were alone, did she begin to open up, and told him her name: Raine. When they arrived in town, it was revealed that her parents had been slain in the Emerald Claw ambush, and she had no next of kin. Rather than abandon her to fate at the hands of the Sharn Orphanage, Kiiba agreed to adopt the girl. She has since took quite a liking to her father, whom she calls "Fuzzy," and enjoys decorating his long unkempt hair with flowers, twigs, and insects. She also tends to ride on his back or shoulders, preferring to travel in a backpack altered by M for this purpose. Shy of everyone but Kiiba, Raine cowers in his mane during combat, trying to keep as hidden as possible.

Virgil Winchester, Brash Wizard (deceased). Virgil met the warforged M on the lightning rail to Sharn that became the target for a high stakes heist. Sporting a smart vest and well creased dress pants, along with wingtips and a cavalier attitude, Virgil assisted M and his allies as they routed the villans from the train. Unfortunately, Virgil did not survive the train robbery, and shortly after making an appearence and giving Kiiba some well needed potions, was shot through the chest by a harpoon gun. He will be remembered for his love of bourbon, his broad shoulders and chizeled jaw, and his unforgettable quips. "Have at you, scoundrel!" "What sinister plot is this?" "Never fear friends, I've got just the ace up my sleeve!"