Improved Elemental Summoning

Prerequisites: Knowledge (the planes) 2 ranks
Whenever you could summon a true elemental (a creature with "Elemental" in its name and of the Elemental type) with a spell or an effect such as summon monster or summon nature's ally, you may instead summon the next larger true elemental or more true elementals of the same type (air elementals, water elementals, and so on). For example, using summon monster III could bring you a Medium true elemental instead of a Small true elemental. Also, using the Summon Elemental reserve feat (Complete Mage 47), you could instead summon a Medium true elemental or d3 Small true elementals of the same type when you could normally summon a Small true elemental. If you summoned d3 elementals, all must be of the same type (air, fire, etc.) and remain within 30' of you. Any that were beyond this range would instantly be unsummoned. Furthermore, when you used Summon Elemental, all elementals from previous feat uses would be unsummoned.
In general, see the charts below:

Normal Summoning Improved Summoning
small medium
medium large
large huge
huge greater
greater elder
elder monolith*
monolith d3 monoliths
Normal Summoning Improved Summoning
1 Elemental d3 Elementals of the same size and type
d3 Elementals d4+1 Elementals of the same size and type
d4+1 Elementals d6+2 Elementals of the same size and type

*With this feat, the spell summon elemental monolith conjures d3 monoliths of the same element and still requires concentration and an expensive material component (Complete Arcane 156). With summon monster IX or summon nature's ally IX, you may summon 1 monolith, and doing so doesn't require extra concentration or an expensive material component.

Special: A Wizard may take this as a bonus feat at level 5, 10, 15, or 20.

New Warforged Feats

Armored Carapace [Warforged]

Your composite plating extrudes a thick carapace that deflects touch attack.
Requirements: Warforged, BAB +10
Benefit: Your armor bonus to AC from your composite plating applies against touch attacks.
Special: You cannot take this feat if you have the Unarmored Body feat.

Aurorum Vitality [Warforged]

Your body contains traces of aurorum, a magical metal that can repair damage dealt to it.
Requirements: Warforged
Benefit: Whenever you spend 8 hours in a state of rest or do not take any strenuous action, you regain hp equal to your character level.
Special: This feat can only be taken at first level during character creation.

Bulwark of Steel [Warforged]

You can unfold your composite plating to form a shield.
Requirements: Warforged
Benefit: You can unfold the composite plating along one of your arms into a shield as a swift action. If you have no body feats, or body feats that cause your plating to be treated as light armor, the bulwark grants you a +1 shield bonus to AC, and you can use that arm to hold items and wield weapons. If you have body feats that cause your plating to be treated as medium, the bulwark grants you a +2 shield bonus to AC, but you cannot use that arm to hold or wield anything. If you have body feats that cause your plating to be treated as heavy, the bulwark can grant you the a +4 shield bonus, but you cannot use that arm to hold or wield anything. If you have the medium shield, you may use the medium or light version, if you have the heavy, you may use the heavy medium or light version. The bulwark can be retracted as a swift action. While you have the bulwark out, you take a -1 penalty to all skills that armor check penalties apply to, and your arcane spell failure chances increases by 5%. You can enchant the bulwark as if it were a normal shield.
Special: You cannot take this feat if you have the Unarmored Body feat.

Living Artifice [Warforged]

You can power magical items with your own life force.
Requirements: Use Magic Device 4 ranks or must be able to cast 1st-level spells.
Benefit: You may take damage instead of expending a charge from a wand or a staff when you use it. The damage is equal to the amount of charges expended if the number of charges is less than 3. If the amount of charges would be 4 or more, the amount of damage taken is equal to double the amount of charges that would be expended (10 damage for 5 charges, for example).

Priest of Steel

You can call upon your god to heal your ‘forged brethren.
Requirements: Must have the Creation or Warforged domain.
Benefit: Living constructs gain the full benefit of spells of the healing subschool that you cast on them.
Normal: Living constructs only heal half what they normally would from spells of the healing subschool.
Note: The Creation domain can be found in the Spell Compendium. The Warforged domain can be found in Faiths of Eberron.

Masterwork Weaponry [Warforged]

Your body is made of more refined, high quality metal, making them possible for magical enhancement.
Benefit: All of your natural weapons are considered masterwork quality, granting a +1 enhancement bonus to attack rolls. This also makes each one of your natural weapons able to be enhanced magically, as though they were masterwork manufactured weapons.

Furnace Forged [Warforged]

The fires of the creation forge still burn in your body.
Benefit: You natural attacks deal an additional 1 point of fire damage. Additionally, you gain Fire Resistance 5.

Fire Within [Warforged]

Your body contains such a heat that flames do nothing but strengthen you.
Prerequisites: Furnace Forged, Base Fortitude save +8
Benefit: You gain immunity to fire. If you are subject to an attack that would deal fire damage, you instead regain 1 hit point per three points of damage the attack would normally deal (before applying fire resistance or Hardness). You get no saving throw against magical attacks that deal fire damage (although you do get saves against any other damage the attack might deal, if applicable).

Armored Inferno [Warforged]

Fire rushes out from between the metal plates of your body, immolating those who would try to bar your path.
Prerequisites: Fire Within, Furnace Forged, Base Fortitude save +8
Benefit: The fire damage dealt by your natural attacks increases from 1 point of damage to 2d6 points of damage. Any creature who grapples you, hits you with a nature weapon, or begins their turn within 5 feet takes 4d6 points of fire damage. Creatures killed by your aura of fire or your natural attacks are instantly reduced to ash as if by the disintegrate spell.

Soul of the Forge [Warforged]

Your animating force is itself a spirit of flame, which can outlast your physical shell.
Prerequisites: Armored Inferno, Diehard, Fire Within, Furnace Forged, Base Fortitude save +10
Benefit: When reduced to -10 Hit Points, you do not die. Instead, your elemental spirit breaks free, turning you into a being of pure flame. In this form, you lose all benefits from any Warforged feats you possess (except for Fire Within, Furnace Forged, and Armored Inferno), and the benefits of all magic items your body was wearing. Your Natural Armor Bonus changes to +3, your type changes to Elemental (fire, living construct), and you gain Cold Vulnerability. Additionally, you regain hit points sufficient to put you at half of your normal hit point total. Finally, all fire damage you deal through the Armored Inferno feat doubles (to 4d6 and 8d6, respectively).

You may remain in this form indefinitely, although if you are killed in Elemental form, you die normally. You may return to your normal form by spending an uninterrupted 24-hour period to reform your Warforged body.