Falko Thul

Falko Thul, Airship Pilot

Falko Thul was hired onto the Maul and Bull by Hessth and Kiiba, to serve as the helmsman. A rugged man with a strong sword arm and a genuinely stoic demeanor, Falco served in the Karrnathi military during the last war, earning the rank of Major as a front lines trooper. He's marched alongside the living and dead alike, and sees the circle of life as a mixer, full of shades of gray. Along his upper left arm, Karrnathi tattoos identify his rank as well as his exploits during the last war. His bastard sword is well worn and has seen better days, as have the rest of his clothing and equipment. A stale stench of bourbon and sty hangs about him, and when he's not at his post at the wheel, he can be found in the nearest tavern.

After his first flight to Sharn with the party and his new crew, Falko found himself headed towards the local watering hole. He was stopped abruptly by the small girl that clings ever so tightly to Kiiba's back, who they all seemed to be calling Raine. She looked up at him, and extended her arms, handing him a capuchian monkey (the previous owner of which had been Captain Jollybottom), before scampering back to the shifter's waiting arms. He shrugged, and helped the monkey onto his shoulder, and together the two headed into the tavern. Later, severely inebriated, he asked Kiiba why she had given him a monkey. "Because she said you looked lonely."

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