Current Players

Current Players

Kiiba Render - Shifter Monk (6), played by Steve Hall. Kiiba was born thirty years before the end of the Last War, the only child to a barbarian lord and his druid wife. A year after his birth, during the Battle of Silver Lake, his mother was executed by the Brelish forces, her pleas for peace and and end to the conflict falling on deaf ears. After her beheading, his father, Karmos, took Kiiba into the wilds of the Eldeen Reaches, to raise his son away from the horrors of war and keep him from following the same fate as his mother. Now, Kiiba is a grown man with a solitary goal in life — to find those responsible for the murder of his mother and bring them to justice. Unbeknownst to him, his first steps south would not only lead him out of the wilds, but into the history books of Khorvaire.

"I have fought for honor, and found none. I have fought in anger, only to feel regret. I have killed for vengeance, only to find it hollow. Now I fight to protect to protect the future for my daughter and those I love and in this, I find peace." - Kiiba Render

Tizish Brighttinker - Whisper Gnome Cleric (3)/ Rogue (3), played by Chris Davis. Tizish, or Tiz as he is known to the few he calls friend, always had an affinity for the subversive, stealthy, and devious — but would never have considered himself evil. It was this quandary that sent him searching for answers in the form of prayer to the Traveler, who responded with a sign. He would become an agent of the church, a covert operative fueled by a mischievous but not malevolent deity. In this mesh of divine power and silent grace, Tiz had found his calling, setting forth to uncover and bring to justice the dark entities that cloud the minds of weaker men, and work behind the scenes. His first investigation into the remote activities of the Emerald Claw in Breland has begun to pull at a thread, one that if followed will take Tiz deep into a conspiracy that stretches the globe.

M-1739-978 - Warforged Artificer (6), played by Chris Burns. M-1739-978 was constructed in 978 YK by special order of the house. It seemed that, as profitable as building automated war machines was, it was even more profitable to create a unit of construct specialized healers to support the front ranks, and thus keep them functioning for longer. It was under this new directive that "M" came into being. His mithril plating ensured survival throughout several major conflicts of the Last War and in his own quirky way, he garnished somewhat of a reputation within House Cannith as a skilled yet distracted craftsman. After the war, with the signing of the treaty, M found himself blessed with a new found freedom to accompany his growing wanderlust, and has set off to investigate the workings of Khorvaire and the continents abroad. It is this unique child-like thirst for knowledge that separates M from others of his kind, and it is because of this that he, unknowingly, will be a major player in events yet to come.

Parg Bonecrusher - Half-Giant Divine Mind (5), played by Chuck Paul. Early in life, as was the custom of his tribe, Parg was given a sword far bigger than he can carry, and was forced to drag it, keeping it close at all times. Upon turning five, he discovered that when he was angry, or when he fought a tougher enemy, his sword would glow a radiant blue, and whenever someone trained alongside him, they would feel energized, or empowered. This led him to the Oracle, who informed his parents that, when he came of age, Parg must travel to the lands of the north to fulfill his prophecy. So, with his future foretold, Parg's family agreed that greatness must be nurtured, and used their accumulated wealth to send him north, to the shores of Khorvaire, and into his destiny.

Hessth - Shifter Barbarian (6), played by Bobby Pepka. Hessth is the sole survivor of a Wildhunt tribe of shifters the lived deep in the Eldeen Reaches, his tribe wiped out in a war from his youth. He was too young to remember the details, but the screams of his brothers and sisters still haunt his dreams. Tribeless; clanless; homeless — have all turned Hessth into a rugged and individualistic man, an explorer always looking forward. He chooses his words carefully, rather than blurting out every idea that crosses his mind. He may seem slow to react at times, but to him, he's just contemplating, considering all the options.

Retired Players

Jacquie - Human Knight (3).

Rhonne Liadon - Elf Ranger (4).