The Korranberg Chronicle Archives

What is the Korranberg Chronicle?

"If it happens in the Five Nations, you'll read about it in the Korranberg Chronicle."

Many towns and cities have long traditions of town criers, newsbearers who present important or interesting information in squares, courts, or other public gathering places. it wasn't long before the magical arts allowed for a more permanent method of presentation, and the chronicles were born. The simples chronicles appear as scrolls nailed to public message boards containing the pertanent news of the week. More ambitious chronicles, including the Breland Ledger, the Sharn Inquisitive, and the Audairian Scroll, are presented as folded broadsheets nested together to form simple books. Each edition is collected and stored, eventually being bound as a chronicle of news and information.

By far, the most well known and widely read chronicle is the Korranberg Chronicle. Thanks to its relentless and mostly unbiased coverage of the Last War, and through a distribution deal with House Orien, the Chronicle enjoys a loyal and avid readership throughout central Khorvaire.

A typical edition of the Chronicle features news from around the Five Nations, Zilargo, and the Mror Holds, as well as stories of adventurers and exciting expeditions, business solicitations, royal proclamations, and almanac information. While the main officies are located in Korranberg, the Chronicle employs reporters far and wide, and maintains field offices in every major nation. House Orien distributes each edition, that appears three days a week: Mol, Wir, and Far, along its mail and lightning rail runs, allowing the Chronicle to reach a huge audience. Indeed, almost everyone in the Five Nations knows the Chronicle slogan: "If it happens in the Five Nations, you'll read about it in the Korranberg Chronicle."


"Pilots Seeking Ships" section of the Lharvion 14th, 998 YK issue
"Everyman Heroes" section of the Lharvion 16th, 998 YK issue