The Black Mace. Recovered from the stash of a Drider who resided inside an ancient drow tomb, the mace was given to M. He later realized that the mace was sentient, although it has yet to reveal its name or history. It is quite knowledgeable about history, religion, geography, engineering, magic, and just about everything. It has eluded to its former life as the weapon of a great drow ruler, which would make the weapon at least 20 to 30,000 years old. It currently functions as a +2 light mace, although, as a swift action, the wielder can reshape the weapon into any simple or exotic weapon the mace has encountered and studied throughout its travels. The +2 bonus can be divided as the wielder sees fit. For example, as a swift action, M could turn the weapon from a +2 light mace into a +1 flaming short sword. Without a wielder, the weapon reverts back to its traditional mace form.

The Crown of Ari'Kloth. Taken from the pile of ash that was once the mummified drow king, Ari'Kloth, Kiiba currently possesses the crown.

The Elamshin. Thirteen of these large, eggshaped, artifacts were built by the ancient drow to power their mechanical army. In addition to powering creation forges, the Elamshin (literally translated as: The Will of Lolth) are unspeakably powerful on their own, capable of enhancing a spellcaster's ability to near god-like levels. They were stolen long ago by Loki, one of the Giant Lords, and scattered to the winds. One has been recovered by the party and given to Elissa d'Moriel, who is keeping it safe. A second is possessed by the King of Breland, and a third by Vol. The location of the rest remain a mystery.

The Fin'darack. The drow equivalent of warforged, literal translation: war-monsters. An ancient, massive army of Fin'darack once occupied nearly all of Xen'drik, powered by the Elamshin. They fell into disrepair and mystery after the Elamshin were stolen by Loki, and no one has seen one in thousands of years. Well…almost no one.