Korranberg Chronicle: 7/16/998

"Everyman Heroes: Traveling Adventurers Thwart Train Robbery!"

- A Mr. Pluto Exclusive Interview

The day and a half long journey from Hatheril to Sharn via the Sharn Express is one of the most frequently traveled lightning rails in all of Khorvaire. Stocked with citizens of the Five Nations and beyond, supplies bound for outlying settlements, and Brelish goods, it is a crucial network for transportation throughout Breland. Unfortunately, the passengers and merchants alike that choose to travel by rail are from time to time victims of banditry, even during peace time. On the morning of Lharvion the 14th, this past Wir, what would have been the largest heist since the Last War was foiled by would-be heroes.

Parg Bonecrusher, a half-giant from the misty island continent of Xen'drik and his allies managed to thwart the theft and slay those responsible in this weeks edition of "Everyman Heroes." I got a chance to speak with Parg after the incident about the Sharn Express, and he shared his side of the story.

Parg and his allies had been hired to move a shipment of rare gnomish galoshes from Xandrar to Sharn when they noticed the train studder momentarily before resuming its course. Sensing foul play, Parg gathered his allies and headed to the front of the train. Passing into the common cabins, they encountered a group of masked men, brandishing blades and demanding their surrender.

"Sometimes, you just have to rise to the occasion," Parg said humbly, not wanting to take away from the reality of his and his companions actions with cheap talk. A mound of bodies says more than type face ever could. After passing through the next few carts, Parg found himself on top of the engine, advancing to the bridge. When asked what compelled him to risk life and limb, skirting along the top of a moving train, he replied simply, "well, the door was closed." And that is when the elemental binding was sabotaged.

A huge explosion followed, knocking his allies back, as the elemental bound within unleashed his wroth upon Parg's men. The battle ensued viciously, as an airship approached from the east, presumably to take the stolen cargo. As the battle raged, one of Parg's allies lept aboard the ship, killing the pirates and taking command. The truth of the matter is that words can barely describe the bravery that took place on the train that day. Of the five that followed Parg into battle, only half survived.

This weeks Everyman Heroes: Parg Bonecrusher, warforged serial number M-1739-978, and Tizish Brighttinker have been rewarded 200 gold pieces each from the Brelish government, and have been personally thanked for their efforts by Admiral Skyreach of His Majesty's Airwing.

Tune in next Fir for more tales of extraordinary heroism from ordinary people just like you!