Korranberg Chronicle: 7/14/998

"Pilots Seeking Ships"

Ari Ostren, Half-Elf, age 26
Region of Origin: Aundair
Qualifications: Sailed with the Aundairian Royal Navy during the last war, position of first mate aboard the Queen's Privoledge. Trained in air ship operation by House Lyandrar and fully certifed to operate all levels of airships designed by the House.
Combat Experience, if any: Trained in advanced naval combat and tactics by the Royal Navy, equipped with a rapier presented to me at my graduation ceremony.
Special Considerations: Can acquire a crew at reduced rates from House Lyandrar, if needed. Also a skilled poet and musician.

Falko Thul, Half-Elf, age 37
Region of Origin: Karrnath
Qualifications: Captain of a ship that was contracted by various Lhazaar princes, off-continent explorations to Sarlona and Xen'drik, and multiple "under the radar" flights.
Combat Experience, if any: Graduate of the Rekkenmark Academy, granted the honorary rank of Major in the Karrnathi military. Front-lines combatant in the Last War. Direct further questions to the scars on my body or the notches in my blade.
Special Considerations: Relatively extensive knowledge of less than reputable persons across Khorvaire.

Sisay d'Lyandrar, Half-Elf, age 23
Region of Origin: Breland
Qualifications: Worked as co-pilot until recently in service to House Lyandrar, so I'm fully certified to fly any ship you can throw at me! I'm skilled at airship repair as well, and can patch a ship up real quick; they're like a sixth sense to me
Combat Experience, if any: I don't really do the whole fighting thing, but I know every ship tactic in the book, even the ones you're not supposed to do but make for front page news. I know a bit of arcane magic but prefer to keep out of any combat situation.
Special Considerations: I can get us a discount at most places in Sharn, and can show you around if you need. It's a big city and all, but I've been grounded here my whole life so I know it inside and out.

Gerrard, Half-Elf, age 29
Region of Origin: At least seven
Qualifications: I've traversed this plane in just about every ship imaginable, and can pilot 'em too. From the Isles of Mystery under command of Prince Koulton's Brightwings to the misty shores of Xen'drik in service to the Wayfinders Foundation — exploration runs in my blood.
Combat Experience, if any: Not every adventure is without its share of steel, and I've had to add mine to the mix on more than one occassion.
Special Considerations: I'm an expert on Xen'drik geography, well as much as any man can truely be, so if its to the south you'll be heading some day, I'm your man!

Contact information for the above mentioned pilots can be found at any Chronicle office.

Editor's note: The Chronicle is the most widespread newspaper in all of Khorvaire, and the best way to find employment if you're in the market. If you are interested in placing an add in an edition of the Chronicle, please contact the main office in Korranberg (a service fee of 5 silver may be applied). Submissions should follow this format: Name? Race? Age? Region of Origin? Qualifications? Combat Experience, if any? Special Considerations?