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W3lc0m3 2 3b3rron!

This website is going to serve as a tool for coordinating an Eberron game in 3.5 edition (Dungeons and Dragons). In addition to information pertinent to players and excerpts from certain 3.5 books, there is also going to be expansions and explanations of some things that were never explored entirely in the Eberron setting, as the 3.5 canon was put to pasture a year after it was released (damn you 4th!). In addition to homebrew from other sites that we are using, there are class variations, feats, character options, additions, items, spells, etc that are included in the game. It is for those lore and game related information that this site exists.

It is worth mentioning that some things from licensed Wizards of the Coast books are paraphrased on this site. Anything that does not fall under the OGL is property of Wizards of the Coast, all rights reserved, etc. Don't sue me please. *hides* Seriously though, this material is provided as quick reference for the GM and players, and is not intended for any other reprint or distribution. Don't do it.


10/24/2010: Hey guys, join Palouse Games on facebook!
10/22/2010: Added the rules for Hero Points, updated the various sessions, and added information about PHS Gaming.
10/21/2010: Edited site for the first time in a long time, updated numerous things.
8/6/2010: Added Mr. Pluto to the Friendly NPCs section.
8/4/2010: Added the Winchesters to the Important Groups section. Added Hessth to the Current Players section.
7/30/2010: Added Session 6 to the Session Records section. Added the crew of the Maul and Bull. Added Elias d'Cannith, Admiral Skyreach, and Gray Ironsides to their respective sections.
7/29/2010: Added the "Everyman Heroes" section of the recent Chronicle to the archives. Added Falko Thul to the friendly NPCs section.
7/28/2010: Renamed the Beginner's Luck the Maul and Bull. Added a new section, cataloging the various issues of the Korranberg Chronicle the PCs encounter over the course of the campaign. Added the section of the latest edition of the Korranberg Chronicle, entitled "Pilots Seeking Ships."
7/27/2010: Added new Spells to the Player Options section. Added the descriptions of the spells as well. Revised the House Rules portion of the Things to Know section. Expanded the Hostile NPC section with Happy "Scar" Jollybottom and Handsome Jack. Expanded Raine Render in detail. Added the Elemental Companion variant for druids to the Player Options section. Also added the Improved Elemental Summoning feat, Tiny flaw, and Child of Nature trait.
7/26/2010: Added the Rules for Airship Combat section. Added and expanded the "Beginner's Luck" airship to the Player Handouts section. Included all game rule information.
7/25/2010: Expanded the Important NPCs section. Added the friendly, neutral, and hostile subcategories. Added Session 5 to the Session Records section.
7/22/2010: Added Session 4 to the Session Records section. Added the Things to Know section, includes 10 Things Every Player should know, information about the calendar, and house rules. Added the Responsible Parent flaw. Added and expanded the Important NPCs section. This will include recaps of useful information on NPC's the party has encountered or memorable enemies they have defeated. Added Session 2 and Session 3 to the Session Records section.
7/21/2010: Created the site! Working on uploading character sheets, variations used, and history of sessions. Added: Player Options, Current Players, and the Session Records.